Electric Insulation Coating

Electric Insulation Coating Specifications.
UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide high-performance specialty surface protective solutions. We have a wide range of solutions for Electric Insulation Coating Services in Thane, Mumbai, India

Electric Insulation Coating

INSULECT SK-03 is a single component electric insulation coating designed to import high electric strength for various electrical applications. When properly applied and dried, a tough film is formed over the surface. INSULECT SK-03 film helps to reduce the leakage currents, resulting into reduction in contamination flashovers. It is highly hydrophobic in nature.

INSULECT SK-03 coating offers excellent UV radiation resistance coupled with tracking resistance which makes its use beneficial for outdoor exposure and in extreme weather condition.

Once coated with INSULECT SK-03, the applied part doesnot required any maintenance like water washing or greasing.

INSULECT SK-03 is also available in all desired colour shades as per required colour shade.

Performance Features :
  • High Di-electric strength 59 kV/mm
  • Thermal Stability : up to 200°C
  • Excellent puncture resistant
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation (suitable for outdoor Exposure)
  • Excellent resistance to transformer oil
  • Tough and Scratch resistant
  • Excellent Resistance to oxidation
  • Single Pack quick drying system
Benefits :
  • Saves Labor
     ► Single Handed Operation
  • Improves Safely
     ► High Dielectric Strength
     ► Application on any Shape & Size
     ► Excellent Puncture & Fire Resistance
     ► On site application
Areas of Application :
  • Bus Bars
  • Insulating Floorings
  • Insulators / Lighting Arresters
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Overhead Distributions Network
  • Receiving Stations / Substations
  • Power Generating Stations
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