Heat Resistance Coating

Heat Resistance Coating

THERMSHIELD is high temperature coating used where high temperature applications are needed. THERMSHIELD is stable upto 600°C and protects the substrate from deterioration at high temperature.

This is quick dry, single pack system that can be applied directly on a clean dry surface without underrating primer layer.

Approved by EIL, ICT Mumbai

Performance Features :
  • Excellent Thermal Stability (up to 600 °C)
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation
  • Excellent resistance to Chemical attack
  • Excellent scratch & abrasion resistance
  • Self priming
  • Single pack quick drying system
  • ROHS Compliant
Grades :
  • THERMSHIELD Upto 300°C
  • THERMSHIELD Upto 600°C
Benefits :
  • Single pack, ready to use system - Easy application process
  • Fast drying at room temperature - quick delivery, lower shutdown
  • Excellent performance at low DFT
  • Saves Labour, saves time
Applications :
  • High temperature Pipeline
  • Ovens & Furnace
  • High temperature valve
  • Chimney & Exhaust
  • Engine & Silencer
  • High temperature Equipments
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