Conductive Floor Coating

Conductive Floor Coating

Human movement and contact with movable and immovable objects generate triboelctric charges on the floor. Areas which are static sensitive require a grounded flooring surface which is slightly conductive. UNiTEQ Industries provides conductive flooring systems that generates the lowest charge and quickest charge dissipation for an ESD production environment. The flooring is grounded through a copper strip which connects to the flooring to a grounded connection such as a wall outlet.


Three component electrostatically conductive Epoxy Floor coating

Advantages :
  • Solvent Free
  • Easy and Fast Application
  • Good Leveling Properties
  • Electrostatically conductive
  • Excellent Mechanical Resistance
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Good Chemical Resistance
Applications :
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food processing industry
  • Hospitals & Laboratories
  • Engineering Industries
  • Packaging industry
Mixing Ration 2:1:1.5 By Weight
Recommended Thickness 1 mm
Consumption Per Sq. Mtr 1.4 Kg for 1mm
Packing Size and Coverage
A 10 Kg 20 Kg
B 5 Kg 10 Kg
C 7.5 Kg 15 Kg
Total Kit Size 22.5 Kg 45 Kg
Coverage per kit for 1mm 16 Sq. mtr 32 Sq. mtr
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