solvent based Heat Reflective Coating

solvent based Heat Reflective Coating

UNiGUARD HRC (Heat Reflective Coating)

UNi-GUARD HRC is the heat reflective coating based on modified co-polymer chemistry. It is designed to provide excellent heat reflective property to reduce to heat absorption in the structure. This product having an SRI value of above 104. It will help to reduce/maintain the temperature of structures in scorching summer. It is applicable for substrate like Concrete, MS, Galvanized sheets, Asbestos, FRP etc. It is the one component quick drying coating which offers long term protection. It prevents heat absorption in peak summer, prevent leakages & seepages in rainy season along with corrosion protection.

Application Areas:

Considering the Functional and performance properties of UNi-GUARD-HRC like Heat reflectivity, weather & UV resistance, corrosion & chemical resistance, water repellency, moisture resistance, it is recommended as protective coating for following areas/applications-Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Malls, Food-Pharma Industries, Industrial shades, Animal Farms, Storage Vessels etc.

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