Water based Heat Reflective Coating

Water Based Heat Reflective Coating

It is water based heat reflective coating. It helps in reducing your roof temperature up to 18°C and keeps your buildings cool in summer. It contains both reflection and Nano insulation pigments for best in class heat protection. It also contains adhesion enhancer for excellent adhesion to wide range of substrates & Nano UV protectors which prevent the coating from UV degradation delivering excellent weather-ability and longer service life.

Advantages :
  • Reflects 90% of sun's Infrared rays.
  • Reduces Roof Heat Upto 20°C during peak summer.
  • Humidification and air conditioning costs cut drastically upto 30%
  • Your building remains cool even under intense sunlight conditions
  • Helps in reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses
  • Resistant to water, fungus and mould
  • Improves the efficiency of roof ventilators
  • Prevents Condensation, heat island effect & helps reduces global warming
Areas of Application :
  • Terrace of Commercial Buildings/Offices
  • Green Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Home & Apartments
  • Air Conditioned Buildings
  • Oil Storage Tanks
  • Factories
  • Sintex tanks / water tanks and pipe lines
  • Warehouses
  • Any type of old or new sheets and RCC roofs
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