About UNiTEQ

About Us

UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide "high-performance specialty surface protective solutions". We offer cutting edge techno-commercial solutions that benefit society with longer durability. We have a wide range of solutions for Anti-Corrosion, Heat Insulation, Waterproofing, Electrical Insulation, Fire Protection, Floor Coating, Construction Chemicals, and admixtures that offer excellent surface protection in aggressive environmental conditions.

UNiTEQ team has a sound technical background and in-depth knowledge of the customer’s requirements which has enabled us to establish UNiTEQ Industries LLP’s name in the market as a reliable business partner. We understand the requirement of our customers. Every customer has his own need and we offer customized solutions to his problems.

Our company name UNiTEQ is derived from the concept "united together with unique technologies" for the betterment of society with the vision to provide improved protective solutions for all kinds of surfaces. Our coatings are designed for excellent protection, durable performance, and great aesthetics. They protect surfaces by maintaining the integrity of the surface and structure for safety purposes. UNiTEQ high-performance coatings are used to extend the surface life of the structure. We offer solutions for Concrete, Metal, Wood, Galvanized steel, Plastic, Glass surfaces to protect them in aggressive environmental conditions.