Polyurea Waterproofing Coating

Polyurea Waterproofing Coating

Armourthane® Sulav

ARMOURTHANE® SULAV is a two component polyurea based waterproofing coating. Since product once mixed has pot life of more than 30 minutes, it can be easily applied by brush, roller or spray. The product has 400% elongation and tensile strength of 5 N/mm2.

ARMOURTHANE® SULAV white is more suited for roof/terrace which is exposed to UV rays although it has low colour stability. For additional protection use MULTITHANE┬« Expo for at 120 to 250 micron thickness over ARMOURTHANE┬« SULAV.

Uses :
  • Cured concrete substrate e.g. roofs (Flat or sloping), balconies, and decks
  • All metal roofs
  • All prefabricated Concrete Structures
  • Terrace, Podium, Water Tanks, Terrace Garden, Flyover, Bridge deck
  • Basement and retaining wall
  • Crack bridging membrane
Features :
  • High temperature stability.
  • Low temperature flexibility down to -15°C
  • Dirt pick-up resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam and many other substrates
  • Easy application by spray, brush, or roller-thus lowering application costs
  • Low toxicity and odour
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