Polymeric Coating

Polymeric Coating for Terrace


Polymetric based waterproofing coating

Aquaproof is a unique high strength waterproof coating to prevent the leakages & seepages from horizontal surface like Upper slabs, Sloping roofs, where the water penetration is high.

Chemical composition :
  • Grafted Copolymer
Colour :
  • Light Grey
Performance Features :
  • Excellent water repellancy
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Anti carbonation property
  • Tough & scratch-resistance
  • Excellent resistance U.V. radiation
  • Excellent weathering & ageing resistance
  • No Peel-Off tendency
  • Resistance to Fire
Unique Features :
  • Single pack ready to use system
  • Fast drying - dries within 30 minutes
  • Self priming - No need of primer
  • Easy touch up & rectification
Mode of Action :

During application, polymer solution penetrates (due to capillary action) into the surface, occupies all the cavaties, hairline cracks & on solidification forms polymer crystals. These crystals seal every path of water & make the entire surface waterproof.

It is important to note that the polymer coat does not form any film, or layer over the surface but get obsorbed & becomes the integral part of the surface with no Peel-Off tendency.

Coverage :

22 to 25 sq.ft./Litre #
(*2 coats X 40 Micron =-- 80 Micron DFT)

* Subject to application as per standard procedure.
# Subject to surface condition & application by proper procedure Don't Apply on wet Surface.

Benefits :
  • Guaranted Waterproofing : Aquaproof polymeric coating seals every pathway of water by getting absorbed into it and prevents from leakages from roof and other horizontal surfaces. It forms a strong layer of high strength polymer to protects against heavy penetration of water on surface.
  • Attractive Aesthetic Look : Create a barrier layer to prevent structure from siffusion of oxides and chlorides. Helps to enhance the life of structure.
  • Longer Lasting Performance : High strength against water penetration, excellent UV resistance with weathering & aging resistance and excellent mechanical strength offers long life performance.
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MultiDur TC -1254

A high build, two pack polyurethane coating for spray/brush and roller applications onto steel pipes, concrete and field joints.

It can be applied over vertical as well as horizontal substrate.

Features :
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics.
  • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance.
  • High temperature stability.
  • Dirt pick-up resistance.
  • Easy application by spray, brush, or roller-thus lowering application costs.
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