Polymeric Membrane Technology

Polymeric Membrane Technology

for Slab / Terrace / Sloping Roofs

PMT is an advanced form of waterproofing treatment for slab terrace sloping roofs of surfaces.

Membrane is a special type of flexible fiber having specific grain structure with high polymer absorbing characteristic. the complete soaking of polymer in membrane ensures Flexibility of membrane absorbs expansion/contraction of concrete surface without breaking away from substrate.

Composition :
  • Grafted Co-polymer coating + High Strength Membrane
Colour :
  • Light Grey
Performance Features :
  • Excellent Strength & Flexibilty
  • Excellent resistance U.V. radiation
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Anti skid property
  • Tough & scratch-resistance
  • Excellent weathering & ageing resistance
  • Resistance to thermal socks
Unique Features :
  • Non destructive process
  • Quick and convenient process
  • No increase in load of structure
  • Easy touch up & rectification
Mode of Action :

The polymer reinforced membrane doesnot allow under water to pass through and its flexibility confirms the resilience against expansion & contraction of the concrete surface without failure.

* Subject to application as per standard procedure.
# Subject to surface condition & application by proper procedure Don't Apply on wet Surface.

Benefits :
  • Guaranted Waterproofing : PMT creates additional layer which seals each ery pathway of water and prevents from water leakages for longer duration.
  • Non Destructive Method : It is a non destructive method, no need of breaking of existing intact surface. Also its a light weight process and will not increase the load on structure
  • Longer life span : Flexible reinforced fiber with functional polymer offers a long time waterproofing effect with regular use of structure in all weather conditions.
  • Enhance Cooling effect : Provide heat insulation property which helps to reduce d load and create cool and comfortable environment in peak summer. Also protect structure from thermal shock (Heatseal as Topcoat).
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