Heat Resistant Paint

Heat Resistant Paint

UNiGUARD-HRT is the heat resistance protective coating based on modified co-polymer chemistry. It is designed to impart corrosion protection at elevated temperature in aggressive environment along with easy application features. At elevated temperature erosion rate is high, UNi-GUARD HRT have an excellent thermal stability and maintain its protective film integrity to protect structures. It is applicable for substrate like Metals (Ferrous), Nonmetals (Non-Ferrous), Concrete etc. to avoid its deterioration against weather conditions and corrosive causes. It is the one component quick drying coating which offers long term protection. It is having two grades as per its thermal stability is as follows-

  • UNiGUARD-HRT @ 300℃
  • UNiGUARD-HRT @ 600℃
Aplication Areas :

Considering the performance properties of UNi-GUARD-HRT like high thermal stability, corrosion & chemical resistance, weather & UV resistance, water repellency, moisture resistance, and resistance to saline conditions, it is recommended as protective coating for following areas/applications- Engine, Chimney, Hot Exhausts, Boiler, Hot Pipelines, Furnaces, Industrial high temperatures equipment’s etc.

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