Anticorrosion Protective Coating

Anticorrosion Protective Coating Specifications.
UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide high-performance specialty surface protective solutions. We have a wide range of solutions for Anticorrosion Protective Coating Services in Thane, Mumbai, India

Speciality Anticorrosion Coating

High performance anticorrosion protective coating for Marine and Shipping applications. High performance anticorrosion...

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Epoxy Coating

Zinc Phosphate Anti Corrosive Primer, Zinc Rich Epoxy High Performance Primer, Two Component Mio Base Epoxy High Performance Intermediate Coat

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Polyurethane Coating

Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Polyurethane Primer, Two Component Polyurethane Base Coat, Aromatic polyurethane Finish Coat

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Alkyd Enamel

Anticorrosive Synthetic Primer, Anticorrosive Mio Based Synthetic Base Coat, Fast Drying Enamel, Air Drying Clear Lacquer

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Chlorinated Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Based Primer, Mio-Chlorinated Rubber Based Intermediate Coat

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Anticorrosion Protective Coating, Anticorrosion Protective Coating Services, Thane, Mumbai, India