Nanotechnology Based omniphobic Coating

Omni-phobic Coating Specifications.
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Omni-phobic Coating

Excel GraffitiShield is specially designed innovative Nano technology based Omni-phobic (water and oil repellent) coating, that repels water and all types of stains. This coating is truly non-stick and often being recommended to prevent stain & common graffiti vandalism in public toilets, stations, platforms, public transport, schools, colleges and other public places.

This Nano-coating is also anti-bacterial & anti- microbial to maintain the general health hygiene and help to eradicate perennial threat of diseases like diarrhoea or cholera in epidemic scale.

Advantages :
  • Thin layer (low DFT) Nano-coating
  • Hard coating, excellent abrasion resistant
  • Non Stick anti-graffiti
  • Repellent to stains, soil marks and pan marks
  • Easy to clean / self-cleaning
  • Minimizes usage of water and cleaning time
  • Saves water for washing and cleaning
  • Keep the surface dry
  • Protect against growth of micro-organism
Areas of Application :
  • Public toilets and urinals
  • Railway Stations, Platforms
  • Public transport & Public Places
  • Road dividers and streets
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and colleges
  • Parking area
  • Industrial area and yards
  • All areas prone to stains and dirt
  • Metal cladding
  • Pre-painted surface
  • Pre-fabricated concrete and metal structures
  • Composite panels surface preparation
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Nanotechnology Based Omniphobic Coating, Services, Thane, Mumbai, India