Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products Specifications.
UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide high-performance specialty surface protective solutions. We have a wide range of solutions for Miscellaneous Products Services in Thane, Mumbai, India

Miscellaneous Products

FloorHard® FerroStrong

Metallic Floor Hardener, Dry Shake

Floorhard® Ferrostrong is a dry shake, metallic floor hardener with graded non-oxidizing metallic aggregates in a high strength cementitious binder.

Features :
  • Creates 6 times more stronger floor.
  • Avoids penetration of oil, grease, or liquid.
Uses :
  • Any heavy duty floor, such as godown, showrooms, highways, runways etc.

FloorHard® UltraDensiFil

Liquid based Floor Hardener

Floorhard® Ultradensifil, with the maximum active chemicals, is the premium sealer. hardener and densifier for concrete. This treatment deeply penetrates and reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores.

Features & Benefits:
  • Densifiles and seals micro pores in top layer treating permanent, extremely hard shield.
  • UltraDensifil treated floor does not absorb water.
  • Dustproof floor.
Uses :
  • Supermarket, shopping malls, manufacturing facilities, warehouse, food processing facilities, airports etc.

PrimeGroutTM / PowerGrout® N

General Purpose Engineering Grout

PrimeGrout N, high performance grout, even when placed at a flowable consistency, provides rapid strength development, complete shrinkage correction, and excellent bond to various substrates.

Features & Benefits :
  • Ready to use material only need to add water at site.
  • Non- shrink formulation.
  • Free flowing, hence fills all gaps.
  • Non-metallic & non-corrosive product.
Uses :
  • Machine base plate, anchor bolts, column bearings, pre-stress deck beam etc.


Fast setting non-shrink Anchor grout

Anchorfast is a high strength resin anchoring material for veroolor locked of surface.

Features & Benefits :
  • Ready to use two component maters, sets in 8 to 10 mins.
  • Non-shrink hence crack free.
Uses :
  • Anchorfast is used in domestic, commercial, marine, industrial, bridges & highway for fixing starting bars foundation bolts, ground anchor for tower etc.

MultiFix TM Econ

General purpose Tile Adhesive

MultiFixTM Econ is most suitable grade for general purpose application cement based wall and floor tile adhesive. it is formulated for its extended workability, ideal for both interior and exterior applications and unaffected by frost.

Features & Benefits :
  • Strong bonding with substrate & tiles.
  • Highly economical & less cost per unit.
Uses :
  • Tile adhesive for fixing of tile, marble, stone, granite etc.

MultiFixTM GT

Cementitious Tile Grout

MultiFix GT is a cement based joint filter with special additives to give water resistance crack free joint.

Features & Benefits :
  • Available in 40 colours.
  • Waterproofed joint.
  • Joints with 1mm to 10mm width can be filled.
  • It can be used for exterior application also.
Uses :
  • Tiles and stones joint fillers.

SureFixTM GT

Epoxy based Tiel Grout

It is based on two component epoxy polymer with special additives.

Features & Benefits :
  • Available in 20 colours.
  • Excellent mechanical & chemical resistant properties.
  • Smooth final surface with negligible water absorption.
  • Excellent bonding with no shrinkage.
Uses :
  • Grouting of industrial floors & walls.
  • Grouting of swimming pool.
  • Add resistance bonding of tiles.

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