Heat Reflective Coating

Heat Reflective Coating Specifications.
UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide high-performance specialty surface protective solutions. We have a wide range of solutions for Heat Reflective Coating Services in Thane, Mumbai, India

Grafted Co-polymer solvent based

HEATSEAL, an advance of grafted copolymer based on product drastically reduces surface temperatures and hence energy consumption and cost of cooling.

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Acrylic-PUD Hybrid water based

It helps in reducing your roof temperature up to 20°C and keeps your buildings cool in summer. EXCEL CoolCoat® contains both reflection and Nano

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Nanotechnology Based Glass Coating

EXCEL StayCool is an advanced Nano-technology based transparent liquid glass coating which insulates the glass, by effectively filtering up

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Ceramic Heat reflective tiles

EXCEL CoolTile is a light weight, water resistant, anti-slip, super strong, heat reflective & insulation tile. EXCEL CoolTile is an environment friendly

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Heat Insulation Coating

UNiTEQ Industries LLP Is The Flagship Company Formed With A Vision To Provide

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