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UNiTEQ Industries LLP is the flagship company formed with a vision to provide "High-performance specialty surface protective solutions". We offer cutting edge techno-commercial solutions that benefit society with longer durability. We have a wide range of solutions for Anti-Corrosion, Heat Insulation, Waterproofing, Electrical Insulation, Fire Protection, Floor Coating, Construction Chemicals, and admixtures that offer excellent surface protection in aggressive environmental conditions.

UNiTEQ team has a sound technical background and in-depth knowledge of the customer’s requirements which has enabled us to establish UNiTEQ Industries LLP’s name in the market as a reliable business partner. We understand the requirement of our customers. Every customer has his own need and we offer customized solutions to his problems.

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Our Services

Anticorrosion Protective

Anti-Corrosion protective coating protect metal structure from corrosion in various aggresive condition like saline atmosphere, moisture, corrosive chemicals and gases.

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Heat Reflective Coating

Heat Reflective Coating is unique cost effective coating of Metal, Asbestos, Glass and Concrete Structure such as Residential Buidings, Warehouses, Industrial structures.

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Electric Insulation Coating

Electric Insulation Coating has excellent electrical resistance helps to reduce the leakage currents, flashovers which leads to dangerous electrical misapps & provide safe working environment.

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High Temperature Coating

High temperature Coating protect metal structure at elevated temperature. It offers excellent corrosion, chemical & weather resistance with high thermal stability.

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Cold Galvanizing Coating

Cold galvanizing coating is the advance form of Protective coating which provide excellent corrosion resistance in aggresive condition as similar to Hot dip galavnization(HDG) process.

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Industrial Floor Coating

Industrial floor coating is a high strength protective and decorative coating used on all kind of concrete floors with various functional properties as per industrial requirements.

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HVAC Protective Coating

HVAC coating protect metal structurein aggressive condition & it offers excellent corrosion, chemical & weather resistance coupled with good heat dissipation/ conductivity.

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Waterproofing Solutions

Unique Waterproofing solutions which protect various structures like Exterior wall, Terraces, Dam, water Reserviors, Basement Areas, Swimming pools from Leakages and seepages.

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Thermal Insulation/Non-Conductive Coating

Thermal insulation coating is the non heat conductive material formulation which reduces the Heat losses during operations alongwith excellent corrosion & weather resistance.

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Fire Retardant Coating

Fire retardant Coating are the unique formulation which protect structure form Fire alongwith excellent corrosion resistance. Applicable on Metal, Concrete, Wooden etc surfaces.

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Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-Grafitti coating is the unique formulation which anti-adhesive property which helps to keep surface clean and dirt free. Recommonded for various industrial applications.

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Road Marking Paint

Road Marking coating is applicable for all concretes and bitumen roads as indicative markings. It has good strength, adhesion & weather resistance alongwith glowing properties.

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